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Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal (PS4) Review

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is a game that you will likely already have an opinion on. Most see the game as nothing but a jiggle-fest, but you would be sorely mistaken by writing it off as a game just about breasts. The Senran Kagura series has been a well crafted brawler across multiple platforms, with different styles of combat that have left a bit to be desired. The question, then; does Burst give those that haven’t played the game before a reason to take notice?

Re:Newal is a port of the 3DS title named Senran Kagura Burst. The 3DS version was fine, earning a 62% average review score. This is about par for the course for most games in the series, which isn’t always fair. Many reviewers knock points off based off the extreme fan-service in the game. That is a disservice to the team that creates the titles as they are actually a great deal of fun, if somewhat flawed. Ultimately, Senran Kagura is a title about female wannabe shinobi, training at a school to become masters of the art. The humor and story is self-referential and plenty of sexual innuendos are scatted throughout. Burst was good, but Re:Newal is more than a simple port.

With Re:Newal (that name, right?) Marvelous and Cero D have completely recreated the original from the ground up. When I started the game, it felt instantly familiar. The same characters were present and the story was close enough to the original that I didn’t notice any changes. Granted, I’m not a super fan that can give you a background for each character, but I have played a few of the games in my time. What struck me, was the completely overhauled battle system compared to the 3DS version. This was a huge change as it stuck closer to the more recent PS3 and PS4 titles, but felt more refined and responsive.

Honestly, this is what makes Re:Newal work. The story isn’t going to be discussed for long, and the game will be one that sits on hard drives or collector’s shelves long after they have finished the game. Rarely will it be revisited, but the combat and unlockables will give you your moneys worth. That is what it takes to make a shallow action title work; solid combat and stuff to unlock. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal succeeds in that aspect.Now, to talk about the ripped clothes and near naked girls. You have already decided if you are okay with that or not. It doesn’t hurt the game if you can come to grips with some “objectification.” It may even enhance the game as it leads to some funny story points where the game is well aware of what it is showing. You won’t get any actual nudity, but you get close. Skimpy clothing and huge, jiggly breasts are par for the course and if you can’t get past that, you won’t enjoy Re:Newal. 

If you can get past the women, or even enjoy the art style and the over the top proportions, you will find that the game has a rewarding combat system with a wide array of characters, as well as plenty of unlockables to work towards; which should keep you invested for a good while. The game is far from revolutionary, but it has been refined and fans of the series will enjoy those refinements a great deal. There are better action games out there, but the game comes as a package of over the top antics, goofy story telling (with some more heartfelt and darker beats), plenty to work towards, and a way for new fans to get in on the ground floor. It seems Marvelous is setting itself up to launch an entire new line of titles with this being the entry point.

The recent titles released under the Senran Kagura name have been far from accessible as previous knowledge about characters and story lines were expected. With the (I guess) appropriately named Re:Newal it seems that players have a solid starting point that is refined enough to show that the developers are constantly trying to increase the enjoyment of the game. The sales will likely tell if a future line of titles is released, but either way, this is a great entry point for those with a passing interest and a wonderful remake for long time fans.

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A PS4 Review Copy of Senran Kagura Burst Re;Newal was provided by XSEED Games for the Purpose of this Review


Story - 60%
Gameplay - 75%
Visuals - 75%
Sound - 80%
Fun - 82%



Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal shows that the series is pushing ahead and still making strides to become a top notch title. This is just one of the steps on that journey.

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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Vlad Varela

Love the review! This series has always been one that gets a lot of hate from people who would never buy it in the first place. I had a few of the vita games, but I think I will pass on this entry. Sad to see these kinds of games getting so much hate outside of Japan tho.

Xyran Nados

Lovely review, series has always been fun! I’ve suggested it to some friends. I even share played it via PS4, they always get a laugh out of it. Good times all around!

Jeremy Montoya

Very fair review! This is the only game in the series that I haven’t been able to purchase yet and this definitely makes me want it sooner than later! Even the girlfriend is interested in it since she enjoyed the one on 3ds. Looking forward to your doa6 review.

Rick Montoya

Really nice review, been looking forward to this game for a while now, can’t wait to try it out!

Jeremy Montoya

Eyyyy, a fellow Montoya lol

Brad Cearing

That was a very fair review for this new release. Though it is certainly great to go back and replay the first game.

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