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ROCCAT Torch USB Streamer/Podcasting Microphone

Entry Level Without Sacrifice

Let me get my biases out of the way. Turtle Beach and ROCCAT are some of my favorite accessory brands on the market. This isn’t just because we review a lot of them, I’ve used plenty of other competitive devices, but ROCCAT has become extra creative in how they provide a quality product at a steal of a price. With that bias out of the way, I will, as I always do, try to give as objective a review as possible regarding the ROCCAT Torch Microphone.


Torch 1

As is tradition, we need to get the spec sheet out of the way for the tech folks out there.

  • Dual condenser capsule design with 24-Bit audio quality
  • Professional mixer-style controls
  • Three pick-up patterns, including the exclusive Whisper
  • Contactless Quick-Mute gesture control
  • Reactive RGB lighting with AIMO
  • Driver free plug and play setup
  • Boom arm compatible, without compromise

The Torch Shines Bright

Torch Arm

Yeah, cheesy header, but it means more than you think. AIMO lighting has become the go-to lighting setup for accessories, in my opinion. With my love of the Leadr mouse being the only area where the lighting isn’t in place, my entire setup is a slick blue, pink, yellow neon 80s look. The ROCCAT Torch falls into the new Neon software, which does not sync with the AIMO set up through Swarm software. As ROCCAT moves from Swarm software to Neon for more accessories, things may work out better to get all lighting on the same page, but as it is for right now, Neon software is very basic with minimal customization. It is a miss for now but will hopefully be fixed in the future.

On top of the lighting, one of the things you have likely noticed on most microphones is the need for a mixer to really go “pro.” The ROCCAT Torch is attached to a mixer and has a few important settings. First, gain. This is a key slider as it allows you to adjust your volume on the fly. If you are listening with headphones, there’s a volume knob to change the sound. It can also be pressed to mute the microphone (in addition to hand gestures).

Next up are three different settings on the final knob. Whisper, regular, and dual-channel/Omni-directional pickups. Each has its use, though I tend to go with the whisper mode. Whisper mode picks up sound exceptionally well. With the gain maxed, you could sit across the state and it will likely still pick you up. This mode is ideal for streaming at night or in an area where you don’t want to bother others.

The Odds and Ends

Torch 2

The other two modes work as expected. Regular is a fantastic sound pickup and does sound a bit better in general recordings if you speak loud enough or are going to balance levels in post. For going raw, your own personal volume will determine which is the best option.

Finally, the Omni-direction switch picks up on both sides of the microphone and does so exceptionally well. With the mic mounted on a mixer, some of the switches will be picked up while recording, but you can remove the mic and attach it to an arm which makes a significant difference. The mixer isn’t the highest quality with all the features you would find in a higher-end device, but it does the job for streaming and starting with your first podcast.

One significant feature is the ability to wave your hand over the top of the mic to mute. By default, the sensitivity is entirely too high, so you’ll need to move the switch down, which can be found on the back of the mixer. By default, my fan made me sound like I was talking through helicopter blades. I’m like a wizard that can swipe my hand to silence the world with the sensitivity down.


The ROCCAT Torch is a fantastic mic for entry to mid-level users. I’m not enough of an audiophile to say that it would be the best choice for those hitting the big time, but honestly, it sounds great to me. Of course, that may come down to personal taste, as I like a less produced and more raw sound in my podcasts, videos, and streams.

Audio is included, recorded directly from the mic, to help decide if it is the right choice for you. I can’t tell you this is the perfect mic as each person will have a unique need and taste, but it works perfect for what I need, and biases aside, I am very comfortable suggesting this mic at the MSRP of USD 99.99.

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The manufacturer provided this product for review. No promises for review results were made. The opinions are those of the writer. 

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ROCCAT Torch Microphone

Audio Quality - 90%
Quality - 85%
Options - 85%
Value - 90%


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