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ROCCAT Syn Pro Air Wireless RGB Headset Review

The Next Level in Audio Fidelity for Gaming Headsets

There are many reviews for headsets on CultureDent, but ROCCAT’s Syn Pro Air is the first time I found something in a headset that made me say “wow.” The headset is a premium model with a premium price of around $149.99 unless you find it on sale. What you get, though, more than warrants the price of the headset. As always, before we get started, we will hit the bullet points about the Syn Pro Air.


  • Immersive 3D audio with 50mm drivers
  • Superhuman Hearing boosts critical sounds
  • Rapid charge via USB-C
  • Memory foam ProSpecs™ earpads and headband
  • Breathable athletic fabric wicks moisture away
  • Lay-flat yokes for easy stowing
  • Detachable flip-to-mute TruSpeak™ mic
  • AIMO-compatible16.8 million color lighting
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Powered by Neon™

Sound Quality of the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

ROCCAT Syn Pro Air 1

One of the things I noticed when I first put on the Syn Pro Air is that the sound was balanced without diving into any software. The Syn doesn’t use ROCCAT’s swarm software which was concerning. Instead, you need to install Neon which, honestly, was a bit annoying at first since I like to have everything in one place, but the software works well and keeps things simple.

Before getting into game performance, there is one thing that put this headset over the top for me. If you have followed my writing, you know I’m a bit of a fan of Twenty One Pilots. One song, Semi-Automatic, in particular, always confused me because a line sounded like it said, “I kinda like it when I make you cry, ‘ Cause I’m twisted up…” which I always heard as “‘Cause I’m too still.” This headset made it clear that the lyrics were I’m twisted up. That kind of clarity is hard to find in gaming headsets. Or, I’m just deaf, but my wife confirmed it, and she heard the same until she put on these cans.

In-game, you get a little more than you expect. Generally, these types of headsets, from Logitech to ROCCAT/Turtle Beach and all the others, give a bass-heavy sound that can drown out a bit of the soundscape. So I often use my computer speakers which have a much more robust sound when I am able. That has happened much less with this headset. One of the big problems I’ve had with ROCCAT’s previous headsets was getting them loud enough. The quality of sound was there, but the volume was always a bit low when maxed out. That doesn’t happen here, and I am extremely pleased to report that I often turn the volume down to around 80%.

ROCCAT Syn Pro Air’s Game Features

Syn Pro Air 2

With a more generous soundscape covering highs and lows more efficiently, you also want to have solid positional audio. The Superhuman Hearing is in full swing, and while I’m not a huge fan of how it sounds, it makes identifying locations in games much easier. If you are playing a shooter, it is going to make a difference. For other games, though, you may want to keep it turned off, which is done by clicking a button on the bottom of the left ear cup.

On top of that, the microphone is bright enough for gaming but won’t be a feature you want to use in recordings in general. The microphone is nice, though, as it flips up and down to turn on and off. This keeps it out of the way. One interesting feature is the AIMO lighting on the headset. I can’t see it while I’m using it, but I still spent the time setting the lights how I want them to look. Why? Because.

Finally, comfort will be key when it comes to long play sessions, and the ProSpecs foam works perfectly. I wear glasses at home and contacts when I’m out and about. The cups feel the same regardless. Glasses? Comfortable. No glasses? Comfortable. The earpads also give you a bit of an airy quality without letting too much external sound in.


Syn Pro Air 3

The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air is a fantastic wireless headset that uses a USB-C connection to charge. The charge lasts long enough that I only need to throw it on the charger every few days, and the sound is not only extremely clear but also consistent from one type of media to another. There isn’t anything I need to do to move from playing a game to listening to music to watching videos. It just all sounds good. Of all the headsets I’ve tested for CultureDent, this is far and away the one that stands above the rest. As of this writing, it is on sale and worth every penny. At full price – well, it’s worth every penny.

CultureDent uses Affiliate links sometimes. There is no extra cost to you, and you support the site if you purchase through our affiliate program. ROCCAT provided this headset for this review.

Comfort - 100%
Sound - 95%
Features - 98%
Microphone - 85%


The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air is the best gaming-focused headset I've used. On top of that, it is one of the best-sounding headsets anywhere close to this price range for any type of media. From movies to music to games to podcasts and lectures, this headset punches above its weight in nearly every way.

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