Out of Line Review

Indie Game to Spear Through!

Out of Line is straight away one of the coolest indie games I have played in the last year. This 2D puzzle-solving game with hand-drawn artwork grasped me, and I had a hard time letting go of this game. You follow the adventures of San in a quest to escape the Factory that was once home. The whole story is set in a mysterious world that is revealed through multiple chapters.

Out of Line Screenshot

An Artists Work

I want to start the review with what the player will see first, the artwork.
Out of Line looks absolutely amazing. The artwork perfectly fits the nature of the game and brings it to life. A half-metallic, half-nature-like world brings out all the colors regardless of the setting.
Whether it is in dark corners of factories, colorful woods or grass fields, Out of Line always manages to deliver on the presentation.

Personally, I really enjoyed simply looking at the game and enjoying the artwork. There might be some difficulties adjusting to the 2D world mixed with 3D textures, which can be confusing at times.
Because of that, there were some moments where I was jumping over an obstacle that was not really there but seemed so.

Despite this little smudge in the corner of beautiful artwork, the designers really take the cake here in presenting a great experience for the player through visual stimulation.

Out of Line Screenshot

Beautifully Puzzling

A great part of Out of Line are puzzles which will be just one of many challenges on your way to freedom. These puzzles are somewhat challenging, but they still give you that great feeling of satisfaction when you solve them. Therefore they feel natural. Sometimes you have to think for a minute, and other times you know what to do right away until the game surprises you.

With puzzles comes one of many joyful and original elements of gameplay. For solving puzzles, your main tool will be a spear. This light spear will serve you as your best helper within the game. At first, you will use it as a simple ramp to help you reach higher jumps. However, as you progress further in the game, you will be able to use the spear in other ways, such as a lever, for example.

Another element that was very refreshing for me was cooperation with other beings that are just like you. They are simple NPCs, but their AI is sufficient enough to get the job done without getting in the way.

Out of Line Puzzle

Not Your Average Platformer

There are many enjoyable and intriguing aspects within Out of Line. You will be meeting new, interesting and mysterious characters, solving puzzles, hiding and running from machines, while also looking for a way to freedom. Out of Line offers much more than the average puzzle platformer. Of course, no game is perfect, and there are things to improve upon, like better mouse handling and aiming with the spear. However, these are nothing that will diminish your gaming experience.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Out of Line. I had a lot of fun and spent a lot of time playing it. I definitely recommend this game from the bottom of my heart. Anyone who loves a good and captivating platformer should give this one a try.

Filip Matušek

A game fan with all heart and all genres since day one. Massive The Witcher fan of anything related to it, whether it is books, games, or series. What he loves the most is writing great, mysterious and fascinating stories that people can enjoy and have a good time reading them.
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