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Goblins of Elderstone Gets a Huge Pantheon Update

The Charming City Builder Closes in on Full Release With a Huge Update

Goblins of Elderstonis a unique city builder by Outerdawn that thrives on goblin-fuelled chaotic survival. You don’t just have to manage a city with unwieldy goblins, but now you must appease a pantheon of gods with the “Gods of Elderstone” update.

Your goblins can now pray to the gods of your pantheon, expecting their religious needs to be fulfilled through blessings from their priests. Each god in your pantheon requires a dedicated temple in order for priests to spread the blessings of each specific god. A delicate balance must be achieved to please all of the gods, or you will feel their wrath. Additionally, some gods have a champion that is unlockable if you have enough Faith.

Get a full breakdown of what to expect in this trailer and keep an eye out for the next update “Heroes of Elderstone” soon.

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