Free DLC For Resident Evil 2 Remake Detailed

Good news for fans looking to get even more content out of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, as a brand-new additional mode will be added to the game sometime after launch.

During a live stream, Capcom announced that a mode called The Ghost Survivors will be available to players at a later date as a free update.

While very little is known about the mode, it will feature various randomizers for the game to keep even the most hardcore fans on their toes, and two new additional characters will be playable as well.

Robert Kendo, the owner of a gunshop that players come across early in the game, will be one of the playable characters; along with the mayor’s daughter Katherine.

The mode will also feature some kind of in-game store that will make various enhancements available to players. Replayability appears to be a large focus of this extra.

Skeptics should be happy to know that Capcom made it a point to promise that the store won’t feature any microtransactions, and the currency is instead solely earned by performing well.

Fans of the original Resident Evil 2 may also be happy to know that Leon and Claire’s character models from the 1998 release will also be making it into the game as a free update.

While these skins don’t seem to have any impact on the gameplay, it’s a fun and nostalgic call-back for fans who want to take a trip down memory lane.

They’ll be available at launch in Japan for those who purchase special promotional items, but the public will be able to access them on March 22nd.

Along with the 4th Survivor and Tofu modes from the original game making their return in this remake, there should be a good amount of content for fans to sink their teeth into.

Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25th, 2019 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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Vlad Varela

I have always been a fan of free dlc, anything that keeps a good game alive for longer is a good thing in my book. I also really dig fun thowback skins like OG leon.


Free DLCs are always good. This new mode looks promising. Above all because of the lack of microtransactions. That’s honestly the best part.

I’m kinda dying to play this game. Had my preorder cancelled, unfortunately… I’ll just have to wait more.


Free DLC definitely sounds like a great way to keep casual players hooked onto the game, especially with microtransaction out of the way. The only gripe about RE2 is that the main story is somewhat short and doesn’t offer much replayability.

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