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Four Final Fantasy Games That Deserve Remakes

These Five Desperately Need the FF7 Remake Treatment

Final Fantasy is one of gaming’s most iconic and ironically named franchises, spawning fifteen mainline entries with a sixteenth in development and several spinoffs. You’d think that the franchise is going stale with so many games, but the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake would prove you wrong. While it is a remake, Final Fantasy VII feels fresh and new with more than just a new lick of paint. So I got to wondering what other Final Fantasy games could do with the remake treatment. Here are four Final Fantasy games that deserve remakes.

Final Fantasy 8

Four Final Fantasy Games That Deserve Remakes

First up is Final Fantasy VIII, which alongside VII is often proclaimed the best Final Fantasy game of all time. (they’re wrong, it’s XII, don’t @ me!) The reason it’s at the bottom of this list, though, is that I’m biased as hell.  That and it plays almost identically to VII. Squall is a moodier version of Cloud; the Junction system is Materia, SeeD is SOLDIER, Selphie is Aerith but chaotic and even the Galbadian forces look like SHINRA.

That’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. Final Fantasy 8 is brilliant; it’s got great music and a brilliant story and does deserve a remake, just not yet.

You can buy Final Fantasy VIII on Steam.

Final Fantasy 4

Four Final Fantasy Games That Deserve Remakes

Final Fantasy IV is different enough and, at the same time, another brilliant entry in the franchise. Watching Cecil grow across the beginning of the game from angst-ridden Black Knight to virtuous Paladin was pretty damn epic. That’s only like a quarter of the game! The other three quarters are as epic, with lovable characters like Rydia or Yang tagging along on your adventure full of twists and turns and heart brakes.

Come on, imagine getting to traverse the world of Final Fantasy IV in an airship with it looking as gorgeous as VII’s remake. It would be jaw-dropping!

Yes, I know Final Fantasy IV already received a remake, but I don’t care. It was for the Nintendo DS!

You can buy Final Fantasy IV on Steam.

Final Fantasy 3

Four Final Fantasy Games That Deserve Remakes

Out of all the entries on this list, Final Fantasy III is the oldest, which is why it’s so far along. It’s in more need of an update than the others, and it wouldn’t even be too intrusive. Like Final Fantasy IV, III already received a remake for the Nintendo DS, but I still don’t care. I really enjoyed III and it hurts me that no one ever includes it in their favorite Final Fantasy games.

Well, it’s time for a glow-up, baby! In this entry, you play as four orphans chosen by the crystals of light to save the balance and restore peace to the world. And with the job system, you can do that in any way you please. Want to do it with four white mages? You’re crazy, but you can totally do that.

With a remake, we could iron out some problems, allow the game to flow better, and include some good old character development to make our protagonists memorable. The DS remake even tried, giving them all names and backstories, but I want to see them grow and bounce off each other more.

You can buy Final Fantasy III on Steam.

Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

final fantasy crisis core

And finally, for the list, we have Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, the prequel to Final Fantasy VII, and the first Final Fantasy I ever finished. Yes, laugh it up. The First Final Fantasy I ever finished was a spinoff. But it was a damn good spinoff. You’re probably thinking back to when I said that VIII would be too similar to VII. Yeah, I know! A prequel to VII would be similar, but Crisis Core is more relevant now than it has been in years. This is the perfect time to bring it back.

With a little bit of tweaking to align better with the continuity, Crisis Core could finally get the attention it deserves. Dammit, I want to see Zack again so badly! Also, you can only play this game on the PSP. The PSP!

Well, that’s it for the list. Those  Four Final Fantasy Games That Deserve Remakes. Feel free to disagree with me. Just know that it’ll only make me stronger. Stay safe.

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