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Five More Gaming Franchises That Should Return

Nothing is more painful than looking back at your favourite gaming franchises only to remember that it’s dead, buried and seemingly forgotten. Okay stubbing your toe is pretty painful too, but it just doesn’t compare. Sure some reached their natural conclusion and gracefully stepped aside, but others where cancelled unceremoniously before they could reach their grand finale. One thing’s for sure, we want these franchises back. Well at least I do. Here are Five Gaming Franchises that Should Return 2: Electric Boogaloo (ed note: I struggled to allow this to stay. Sorry). If you haven’t read my first article on the subject click here.

5. The Operative: No One Lives Forever.

 Five gaming franchises that should return: 2 Electric Boogaloo.

Does anyone still remember No One Lives Forever? They should. It was fantastic! A sixties spy shooter that meshes the best parts of James Bond and Austin Powers into a first person shooter of pure beauty!

From the action to the humour to the overtop villains and gadgets everything in this game serves as a love letter to the good ole days of spy fiction. Playing as British agent Cate Archer was nothing short of a pleasure.

If you’re not yet convinced then hear this: when this game first came out it was considered the best first person shooter since Half Life! How’s that for an accolade! With some tight shooting and a huge variety of gameplay it’s no surprise either.

So how come No One Lives Forever is a dead franchise? You can’t buy it anymore on any store. Nobody’s even quite sure who owns the rights neither are they interested in working it out. Warner Brothers has the development team, Activision owns a little piece of it as does 20th Century Fox.

Interestingly, Night Dive Studios tried to untangle the mystery in order to purchase the rights and then re-release No One Lives Forever and its sequel. However none of them were interested in letting that happen and Night Dive were forced to give up. Typical.

4. Resistance

 Five gaming franchises that should return: 2 Electric Boogaloo.

Resistance was a first person shooter series exclusive to PlayStation and made by Insomniac for the PS3. It was pretty damn amazing, too. Starting with Fall Of Man, Resistance hit the ground running with Insomniacs signature style of weaponry, level design and storytelling.

After a mysterious alien race known as the Chimera, swarm across Europe you play as a part of an American relief effort sent to England. As Sergeant Nathan Hale you becomes the first person to be infected by the Chimera Virus only to wake up still a human. More or less. Everything in this game fascinates me, from the alternate history setting to the horrifying Chimera design and lore.

Battling across England to halt the advance of the monstrous Chimera your actions became the stuff of legend! I just wish the sequels were as interesting. Come on Sony give us a PS5 Resistance remake.

3. BloodRayne

 Five gaming franchises that should return: 2 Electric Boogaloo.

Ah the noughties, when leather and bullet time were in fashion and there stood BloodRayne combining both in one bloody package! BloodRayne didn’t just stop with leather and bullet time, though. Oh no they also included a healthy dose of vampires and Nazi killing. What’s not to love?

Playing as the Dhampir (born from a mortal mother and vampire father) Rayne, voiced perfectly by Laura Bailey, cut, slash, blast and explode your way through Nazis and hordes of nasty monsters. Rayne even returned for a sequel that ended on a major cliff hanger. A cliff hanger that still hasn’t been resolved! However, out of all of the games on this list there may actually be reason to hope for more BloodRayne. Recently the rights to the games were purchased by publisher Ziggurat and promptly released the Terminal cuts for both games, coming with enhanced framerate and higher definition.

So maybe, just maybe, we might yet see Rayne hacking people into small pieces again.

2. Obscure

 Five gaming franchises that should return: 2 Electric Boogaloo.

Obscure is what you get when you put the gameplay of Resident Evil in a school with stereotyped teenagers as the protagonists and I never knew I needed that until I found it. It’s campy, schlocky and all the more entertaining for it.

Controlling a group of teenagers who’ve stayed behind after school to find their missing friend you have to fight or run from strange monsters where your best friend is the light. Both Obscure and Obscure 2 are co-op as well and it makes for a blast to play. The second game ended on a cliff hanger but sadly the franchise has been dead since.

It’s unlikely to happen but I’d love to see Obscure return for one last game to tie things up.

1. Rayman

At this point you’re probably thinking: “Rayman?! Rayman ain’t dead!” and you’d be right. The franchise hasn’t been gone that long with the last proper release being in 2013 – wait 2013? Really? Huh thought it was sooner than that but anyway that was Rayman Legends, a 2D game. I’m here to talk about the 3D games!

Remember Great Escape and Hoodlum Havoc? They were awesome. Rayman made the leap from 2D to 3D gracefully and with much panache. The levels were large and beautifully detailed full of hidden nooks and crannies to explore. The enemies were well designed and challenging and the music and stories were just superb. I still can’t thinks as to why they decided they needed to go back to their roots as Iis objectively better as a 3D platformer.

Quick fun fact in Hoodloum Havoc John Leguizamo stars as Globox! He must have a thing for video game roles.

And that’s it for the list. Hope you enjoyed. Those where five gaming franchises that should return. Do you agree with my list? If not, why? Stay safe.

Scott Markwell

Standard nerd! Gamer, reader, writer, and watcher of tv and film alike. Probably find me skulking around in my room watching anime.  
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