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Five Anime That Deserve More Attention.

Nobody talks about these anime.

Anime’s great and it’s all over the place now with a huge audience hungry for more. But with a lot of great content out there there’s always bound to be some gems overshadowed. With that in mind here are five anime shows that deserve more attention.

Let’s jump in.

1. Aldnoah Zero

five anime that deserve more attention Aldnoah Zero

I can’t say if Aldnoah Zero is a typical mech anime or not as this is the only one I’ve ever seen. What I can say is that Aldnoah Zero is damn entertaining. Centering around a war between Earth and the Vers Empire, (Mars living humans), Aldnoah Zero is full of action packed tense fights with a focus on tactical approaches.

Half the fun is watching the characters figure out how they can win and whether or not it’ll be in time. Sure it’s got it’s fair share of clichés, like an impossibly intellectual main character but it’s still a lot of fun.

You can watch the trailer for Aldnoah Zero here.

2. B: The Beginning.

five anime that deserve more attention B:the beginning

B: The Beginning may have a weird title that’s difficult to convey but its actually a really great Netflix original anime. It’s a jumbled bag of detective clichés, mass conspiracies and supernatural powerhouses but still comes out coherent and engaging.

It has a cast of entertaining characters, awesome superpowered fights and plenty of interesting mysteries to unravel. Also a second season is coming out soon, so now’s a good time to jump in.

You can watch the trailer for B: The Beginning here.

3. Seraph Of The End.

 Seraph of the end

Okay this one is basically Attack On Titan but with vampires. I’m not kidding, it’s an oversimplification but it really is.

Focused on a world overturned by vampires after humanity causes the apocalypse we follow Yuichiro, a hot headed teenager with a desire for revenge and determined to kill ever last vampire he runs into. Sound familiar? It’s got a ton of fun characters awesomely animated fight sequences and some surprising plot twists.

Be warned though, we’re still all waiting for a new season.

You can watch the trailer for Seraph Of The End here.

4. Another.


Another is anime’s answer to the Final Destination films. The only difference is Another is generally more coherent with more engaging characters. It still has all the shocking, out of no where, horrible deaths just with an interesting story. So that’s fun!

It’s spooky, mysterious and full of twists that keep you on your toes.

I tried to get my mum to watch this one… She didn’t make it past the umbrella scene.

You can watch the trailer for Another here.

5. From The New World.

 From the new worldIt may not look it at first glance but From The New World is one of the most unique and horrifying anime I have ever seen. This is one anime that definitely deserves more attention. In a post apocalyptic world where a new society of telekinetic humans has risen, we follow the stories of a group of kids learning to use their powers.

Doesn’t sound scary right? Well just wait until the group starts digging around to solve mysteries. It’s not an out and out horror. More of an existential thriller that makes you question what it is to be human and how we should treat those that don’t live up to that standard.

It also has a startlingly beautiful art style that stays with you almost as long as the accursed story revelations do.

You can watch the trailer for From The New World here.

And that’s it for the list. Those were five anime that no one talks about that deserve more attention.  Hope you found some more anime to enjoy. Stay safe!

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