Cooler Master NR200p MAX Launches on September 16th

Big Beast in Small Body

Cooler Master released their NR 200 Mini ITX chassis series last year. It quickly brought a wide range of fans and enthusiasts to build their own miniature beast.

This series was very popular for its options and potential for modding. You could have chosen if you want to showcase your GPU behind tempered glass or if you want to maximize airflow with the vented panel.

The chassis was easily accessible due to the option to disassemble it completely. It can put up to 7x 120mm fans; also, you could’ve fit in a nice CPU cooler up to 155mm.

As a cherry on top, the cases came out with many colored options, from pink and turquoise to simple black and white.

This brings us to the new NR 200 MAX chassis that continues in this path of small, powerful beasts. It comes with a pre-installed power supply and a CPU cooler. The power supply is an 850W monster with custom cables to perfectly fit the case.

A 280mm with 2x 140mm pre-installed fans and a Cooler Master pump/CPU block provides reliable cooling. AMD sockets up to AM4 and Intel sockets up to LGA1700 are fully supported.

A capacity of 18L and a nice removable GPU panel makes the whole problem with cable management a bit easier. It is a perfect design for a High-End ITX system that will fulfill your need for minimalism and maximal power.

This compact and nice but powerful monster will be launched on 16th September.

You can find the full specs of this beauty here.

Filip Matušek

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