Building A Gaming PC in 2021

How Is Building A PC For An Amateur?

This typically isn’t the type of article that I would write, but I decided to share my experience with building my first gaming PC. I figured it’d be interesting given the shortage of components around the world, due to massive scalping. I do not expect this to be a guide since I only have basic knowledge of computer technology. This is simply a window looking into the experience of an amateur and enthusiast building their very first gaming PC.

MSI - 6700xt AMD

Picking the Right Parts

As mentioned before I do have at least basic knowledge of computer components, what they do, and which parts go well with one another. Due to my “good” saving system, my budget was a little over 2500€. It managed to secure me a decent gaming rig despite scalpers causing a massive shortage of computer parts . When choosing parts, I decided to stick with a certain brand to ensure compatibility.  I went with three main brands MSI, AMD and Corsair. I selected these brands I have experience with them due to my previous ownership of multiple gaming laptops and pre-builds.

For my motherboard, I chose a nice-looking MSI B550 Tomahawk. I selected this particular motherboard mainly for the AM4 socket which is needed for an AMD processor (Which most tech/IT people know this). I managed to get a solid price from a retailer I know and trust. I chose this particular retailer to ensure that all my parts arrived undamaged. This is very important to consider when buying expensive and sensitive components. In order to guarantee my rig had reasonable load times, I chose the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 4x 8Gb.

For the power supply, I went with the same brand, choosing the Corsair RM 850w, for SSD Force MP600 Gen4 NVMe M.2 1 Tb. Next up are the fans, which I decided to keep the stock fans that comes with the case for the MSI MAG 100R. CPU cooling is one of the areas where I decided to take a little bit of time to think things throughly. The goal was to keep the CPU as cool as possible, especially for the summer where temperatures can get high. So instead of a classic fan, I went with an AIO from MSI MAG Coreliquid 240R.

Gaming On A Budget

The most difficult part of the whole build was the CPU and the graphics card(GPU). This is the part where you need consider your options, since graphics cards can get pretty expensive. For the CPU I managed to get AMD 5800x, which was cheaper than I expected. The GPU took almost 50% of the whole budget for the rig, which is not exactly optimal when building a computer. The card I got is the AMD 6700xt MSI Custom. The official price was 479$, but I paid more than double its official price. To my surprise, I managed to get the card within one business day. This came as a massive shock, given the shortage of GPUs on the market.

AMD CPU - 5800x
The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core

Building the Machine

The building process itself was pretty simple. Most of the key information is in the manual, which I definitely recommend reading. It provides a nice overview of the parts and will guide you on how to properly install and use them. There are a couple of things that felt uncomfortable for a first-timer like me. However, most of these situations were caused by my inexperience with building my own gaming PC.

An example of this is putting RAM in its socket. At first, it feels VERY uncomfortable to be pushing on the motherboard and RAM with such force. However, once you do this multiple times you get a better feel for how the part fits. Eventually, I grew more accustomed to installing the components . While, you don’t need to be scared when installing computer parts, you must BE CAREFUL when doing so.

A Quick Fix

Upon completion of building my rig, I experienced one of the biggest fears that can come with building a gaming PC. When I turned on my computer the monitor remained blank.  I restarted the system and still saw nothing on the display. I repeated the process multiple times, and checked if everything is plugged in properly. Thankfully most  motherboards these days have indicators in case there is a problem. My motherboard was showing a red LED for the CPU which means there is either something wrong with the processor or the board itself.

Naturally, I was worried that I bought a faulty motherboard or even a dead CPU. However, the problem was more simple than I could even imagine. The BIOs for the motherboard were out of date. Due to sitting in warehouse for years, the motherboard never received an update . Once I installed the new BIOs the system booted up with no problems and soon I was playing my favorite games.

MSI B550 - Tomahwak Motherboard

Easier Than Ever

These days building a computer is easier than ever. It’s become much more streamline and accessible for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Overall, I spent about six hours building the whole system and my experience was joyful, as well as addictive. There is something very rewarding about building a gaming PC of your own. The only downside is the inflation in price for many of the components due to scalping.

The only piece of advice I would give beginners like me is to not be afraid, only careful. Take your time building your PC and do not rush anything. Make sure to update the BIOs of the motherboard, since you never know how long the component was sitting on a shelf. Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun. With some many guides and tutorials available online, I believe anyone can successfully build their own gaming PC.

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