How to Become a Video Game Journalist

Are you interested in what it takes to make it in this crazy industry? Struggling to learn how to become a video game journalist? Applying everywhere and getting turned away because you have no experience or a portfolio? Wish you knew more about contacting PR folks and making a name for yourself? We can help. Read on to learn more about what we do and how to apply to become one of our uncultured journalists.

How to Become a Video Game Journalist

How to Become a Video Game Journalist

That heading you just read is important. You may or may not know why, but we will teach you. We will show you how articles should be written and formatted in particular styles. Each site has its own style, but there are a few golden rules that are key to the growth of a site. You can try to research that information and say you understand it in an interview, but without proof, many potential employers will move on to the next person that has experience.

How to Build a Gaming Portfolio

It can be tough to gain experience when experience is always required. This site was founded by an educator with the desire to, well, educate. As long as you have the personality and excitement to show you want to be successful, we can give you a foot in the door. Where you go from there is up to you. This site will always be here. I made that commitment to the very first writers that joined me on this adventure, and I’ve made the same promise to every person that joined us since.

So What’s the Catch?

What's the Catch

This is where things are a little less exciting for some. Writing about games or entertainment is real work. You’ll review games that you don’t want to review. You’ll write news stories about things in which you have no interest. You’ll also review games you which you were excited to play. You’ll cover news stories that open your eyes to new titles you didn’t know existed. But we don’t offer any financial compensation as of right now. This is because we are doing things differently here. We don’t run advertisements. We don’t accept sponsorships. We are reliant on building a community on Patreon and through affiliate links. Any business school graduate will tell you this won’t work. I beg to differ, and I plan to prove it.

So What is in it For You?

No financial compensation for doing work? That is what you are signing up for. But wait! There are some benefits. You will get review codes early and at no cost. You’ll see the news before the rest of the entertainment world. You’ll gain valuable experience. You’ll build a portfolio. And if I do prove that this business plan can work, you will eventually earn a wage.

Can I Prove Our Plan Works?

I can’t prove the financial side of things yet, but we have two individuals that have moved on to bigger things. Olivia Volarich was one of the first members of CultureDent, way back in the GamingHistoria days and was the host of one of our podcasts “In Search of the Story.” She is now a Producer at 343 Industries. Marcus Stewart spent a lot of time with us and is now an associate editor at Game Informer. Others have moved on to other big things as well.

Join this Ragtag Group of Uncultured Journalists

All you need to do to start your journey down this path and learn how to become a video game journalist is email us at [email protected]. From there, we will talk, and if all works out, you’ll be on your way. Good luck!

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