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AudioClash: Battle of the Bands Coming August 17 to Steam Early Access

That Scene from Scott Pilgrim That Was Like a Game is Now a Game

AudioClash: Battle of the Bands will enter Steam Early Access on August 17th. Developed by Big Boat Interactive and The Living Tombstone this one is fairly exciting as it does something that a video game movie showed off even though there wasn’t a game like it. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World had a fantastic battle between two bands with huge monsters fighting each other. This doesn’t appear to be the same thing, but the ideas are there and that’s pretty exciting.

The seed for AudioClash comes from The Living Tombstone, the electronic rock band that has nearly 3 billion streams. Bands will battle each other in real-time and collect hero characters that fill all spots of a traditional rock band. The game is an autobattler inspired by Heartstone, Dota Underlords, and Pokémon.

The Living Tombstone made remixes and original songs inspired by video games and TV shows. Then “Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 Song” reached over 200 million views. In the years since, TLT has garnered billions of streams, earned millions of fans, released a debut LP, and created five original characters—the Tombsonas. The next step for a band famous for making music about video games? Create a video game about making music!
Play the part of a band manager and assemble a team of musicians with eclectic personalities, looks, and powers. Recruit from the iconic Tombsonas, fictional rockers like half-human, half-reptile drummer Christi Vipera and heavy metal bodybuilder Ragnar Bludgård, and real-life stars like Jonathan Young and CG5. Transform them into a winning party using cards in the heat of battle. Make quick decisions between each round and watch the band go all-out against in competitive multiplayer with raucous medleys of rock, metal, punk, and more.
Inspired by the strategic depth of card games like Hearthstone, the character collection of Pokémon, and the intensity of autobattlers like Dota Underlords, AudioClash mirrors the love for gaming that set The Living Tombstone’s popularity ablaze. Dedicate your heroes to roles like tank and healer. Cast buffs with the drummer, deal critical damage as the lead guitarist, use support abilities as the singer, or absorb enemy hits as a bassist. Collect hundreds of customization items, from instruments to headgear, and level up the band with new ability-granting cards.

About Big Boat Interactive

“Big Boat Interactive is an independent development studio formed in 2007 by games industry veterans with over 90 years of combined experience and over 200 shipped titles. Big Boat developed the critically acclaimed redux of both Battlezone 98 and Battlezone: Combat Commander, and collaborated with Oddworld Inhabitants on the engineering of the recently released Oddworld: Soulstorm.”

About The Living Tombstone

“The Living Tombstone is a musical project which takes elements from the electronic dance genres of today and combines it with rock genre influences. Founded by music producer and composer Yoav Landau, and accompanied by songwriter and vocalist Sam Haft, TLT has grown a cross-platform following of over 10 million fans and over 2.6 billion streams.”


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