Who is CultureDent?

Hey, loyal and new readers, founder and editor-in-chief Chris Gravelle, here to give you a quick breakdown of the changes to what was formally CultureDent.com. As we looked at our coverage, we realized that we do a lot more than talk about games. So back to the drawing board and into the wallet, we found a better way to represent a bit more about who we are. We realized we generally cover nerd or geek culture, ranging from music to games to clothing to anime. So, why were we using a gaming URL?

I can’t answer that question, so through heated debates and many broken friendships, the small team here at backto, CultureDent, agreed on this new name and the branding that comes with it. What can you expect going forward, though?

We are in the middle of a site refresh. You’ll likely see gaminghistoria and CultureDent mentioned throughout the site for some time, and many articles are missing featured images. Those will get fixed in due time, but it is a big job, and there is no fast way to do it right. So bear with us.

culturedent main goal

Our Main Goals

To start, serious journalism. Want to join in? Email us here. We take all comers as this is a place for experienced and new journalists. In the coming days, we will get all of our social media updated. Twitter is set, but we have to get over to Facebook; I think people still use that and update YouTube. You may see more changes to the website layout, and your feedback will help. Drop thoughts in the comments below.

Next, we aren’t taking ourselves too seriously as we advance. There is a place for serious journalism and a place for fun articles. Expect some surprising articles and reviews that are unlike anything else out there. As it is, I made the executive decision that we are a site that focuses on entertainment culture, and that generally means fun, so why wouldn’t we have fun with what we write? You’ll get a good mix of solid and serious journalism with sprinkles of satire and fun on occasion. You’ll know when the less-than-serious stuff is posted.

We Are Creating Our Own Culture

We have a few other surprises as well. After a little outside consultation from Matt MacHetcher, we have a few ingredients in the pot for some future series and events you haven’t seen on any other website. Big promises, I know, but the brains on board here have ideas, and I have ears. So, keep an eye on the site for things to come.

While satire and entertaining articles will show up on the site, they won’t be our focus. The core values for culturedent stay the same as the old brand. No ads, no sponsors. We will promote ways to help us pay the bills, but that will be up to you. We would love to move from the red to the black, but that isn’t our core goal. Give us time to impress you before you decide if you should support us financially. Everything will always be free, and nothing will be hidden behind paywalls, opt-ins, article limits, or login requirements, etcetera.

culturedent screen

What We Will Not Cover

Finally, we will be covering everything except for politics, social movements, and religion. Other sites can handle that, and we want to be a place where you can come to see what is going on in the entertainment world. When we say we are handling coverage of “culture,” that isn’t all-encompassing; it is only the entertainment sector. If we have to chime in on something, we will, but this is a place where you can escape the stresses of the real world.

This is going to be a wild ride, and I’m excited to see where it goes. I hope you all come along with us. Drop a comment below, introduce yourself, tell us what you want to see, and what can we do to make the site easier to navigate?

Until next time, be well.


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